Sorbonne Université : Excellence and innovation for competitiveness

Posté le 28 juillet 2017


Excellence and innovation for competitiveness  :

‣ The biggest scientific and medical complex in Europe,

‣ Seventh European rang and 39th international rang in the Shangaï international ranking,

‣ made up of 7 UFR (chemistry; physics; mathematics; engineering; medicine; life, earth and environment sciences and biodiversity),

‣ gather “l’Ecole polytechnique universitaire, l’Institut d’astrophysique de Paris, l’Institut Henri Poincaré » and 3 marine stations in Roscoff, Banyuls and Villefranche-sur-Mer,

‣  labs are associated with great research institutions and world-class partners (CNRS, l’INSERM, l’INRA, l’IRD, l’IFREMER, CEA…).

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