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Epigenetic training course: « Initiation to chromatinandmethylated DNA immunoprecipitation»

Chromatin and DNA modifications, i.e. epigenetic modifications, are involved in the control of gene expression. This course provides a theoretical introduction to the field of epigenetics as well as a practical training to learn the main bases of the methods for studying these epigenetic modifications.


  • Acquire the theoretical and practical bases necessary to analyse chromatin, chromatinian proteins and DNA methylation using chromatin immuno-precipitation (ChIP) and DNA methylation (MeDIP).



  • Epigenetics and chromatin: post-translational modifications of histones, chromatin remodelling complexes.
  • Methylation and hydroxymethylation of DNA.
  • Epigenetic diseases.
  • Methods to analyse epigenetic modifications.
  • qPCR for ChIP and MeDIP.
  • Introduction to ChIP-seq.

Practical training

  • Chromatin and methylated DNA immunoprecipitation experiments from 3T3 cells (cross-linking, chromatin extraction and fragmentation, DNA extraction and fragmentation, immunoprecipitation, qPCR, analysis of results).



  • Lectures.
  • Practical training.
  • Teaching materials, bibliography and documentation are given to the participants.



  • Teaching method adapted to acquire the strategic tools.
  • Teaching of the latest developments in epigenetics.
  • Instructors: Professor of Genetics and Researcher, experts in epigenetics.
  • Internship organized in collaboration with Diagenode

Competency Development Action Category:

(Article L6313-1 of the Labour Code)
Training action

Formation:  Professional training.

Field: Molecular genetics.

Teaching managers:

Frédérique PERONNET and


Duration:  5 days.

Number of participants: from  8 to 16.

Price: 2 185 €


Campus Pierre et  Marie Curie- Paris (Jussieu).

Schedule: upon request

Public :Technicians, engineers, researchers, teachers-researchers, doctoral students.

Pre-requisite: Basic knowledges in molecular biology, bachelor level.

Validation: Statement of accomplishment.

Language:The course can be provided in english or french upon request.

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